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The 10 Best Photo Spots In Rome

The 10 Best Photo Spots In Rome

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it feels like every single street is begging for a shoot. Ancient landmarks, bohemian neighbourhoods, elegant fountains and charming streets are just some of the best photo spots in Rome that provide stunning backdrops waiting to spice up your photos.

While there are countless stunning spots to capture in Rome, here are some suggestions for the best photography spots:

Trevi Fountain

Of course, our first suggestion is the photogenic Trevi Fountain. If you want a perfect capture with this tourist-heavy landmark, you’ll want to get there at sunrise without question. Its colossal size, refined sculptures, and photogenic pool of turquoise water make it one of the most popular photo spots in Rome and you can unleash your creativity with a variety of angles to shoot from.


We can not miss the fabulous symbol of Rome. To be honest, every side of the Colosseum is super photogenic so you really can’t take a bad photo there. The best photo spot for capturing the Colosseum is the one in Via Nicola Salvi, a raised road which allows for a view without crowds and a bit more depth to capture the true scale of the amphitheater.

Ponte Umberto I

Ponte Umberto I is one of the many bridges that connect the banks of the Tiber but this 19th-century structure is quite impressive. For a unique photo, you can take the stairs down to the banks of the river and you can create an amazing view with St. Peter’s Basilica in the background.

Terrazza del Pincio

Another amazing place for a great photo is Terrazza del Pincio. The elevated terrace forms the entrance to the city’s largest public park, Villa Borghese, and looks out over Piazza del Popolo towards the Vatican.

Terrazza Borromini Rooftop

This rooftop bar has some of the best views overlooking Rome. With almost panoramic angles, you’ll get a peek of the Vatican in the distance and a bird’s eye view of the famous Piazza Navona directly below.


One of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Rome, Trastevere has a colourful, bohemian flair and is filled with sweet sidewalk cafes, beautiful doorways, craft beer pubs and locally-owned shops. If you want to take some photos in a typical Roman neighbourhood, then you won’t want to miss a stroll through Trastevere.

Giardino degli Aranci

The stunning orange gardens of Rome offer stunning views across the city which makes this place one of the best photo spots in Rome.

Spanish Steps

One of the classic photo spots in Rome are the famous Spanish Steps. The 138 steps offer lots of creativity and you can take some amazing photos here.

Terrazza del Gianicolo

While in Rome, you shouldn’t miss Terrazza del Gianicolo. Located on top of Parco del Gianicolo, this terrace is one of the best viewpoints in Rome, with an amazing panorama over the city.

Arco Farnese on Via Giulia

The final stop on our list of the best photo spots in Rome is this beautiful archway. This cobblestone street where the arch is located dates back to the 1500s and is one of the most charming streets in the entire city.

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