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10 Tourist mistakes to avoid in Rome

10 Tourist mistakes to avoid in Rome


Rome is one of the most wonderful cities in the world, full of ancient charms and beautiful architecture. It can be easy to feel so comfortable in such an enchanting and inviting city, but it’s also essential to know the best tips & tricks for visiting Rome, so we created this list of mistakes to avoid in Rome.
Read the article below so you can have the best experience in the Eternal City!

1.Not getting out of the city center

While most of the popular sites in Rome are located in the Centro Storico, you should try to get out of the center and visit the hidden gems and lesser-known neighbourhoods of Rome. You’ll find beauty, art and history everywhere in Rome, we’re sure you don’t want to miss this!

2.Taking expensive transportation to and from the airport

In Rome, there are several ways to get from the airport to the city center, but the best way is by train. Try to avoid taxis, as they are very expensive. Also, you can use public transportation anywhere in the city, as the metro takes you within walking distance to several historical places that you can’t miss.

3.Validate your tickets for regional trains

Whether you are travelling by train regionally or to and from the airport, you have to validate your ticket or risk facing a huge fine.
There are usually signs, but if not, look for a yellow or green validator box at the entrance to every platform.

4.Avoid the lines

To avoid spending hours in line, do yourself a favour and pre-book the tickets to the major attractions. Make sure to always book your tickets online, from trusted sources and websites.

5.Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes

If you want to visit the real Rome, this will involve a lot of walking. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, as the pavement in Rome is not exactly well maintained and several areas of the centre are covered in old, slippery cobblestones!

6.Not using the water fountains

Remember, you don’t need to buy bottled water in Rome. There are more than 2500 water fountains in the city of Rome flowing crisp, cool water from the Apennine Mountains or Lake Bracciano. Bring a water bottle to refill from these fountains on a full day of touring the city. But even if you don’t have a water bottle, you can still refresh yourself.

7.Not being aware of scams and pickpocketing

Millions of tourists visit Rome every single year, which makes this place a magnet for robbers and petty thefts. So, avoid being the oblivious tourist who gets robbed or scammed! Especially when you’re in the metros or crowded places. Keep an eye on your bags and your valuables.

Some of the most common scams you’ll see are people trying to give you stuff for free. Like they’ll try to put a bracelet on your wrist and tell you it’s free. But of course, once it’s on your wrist, they’re going to ask for money. There are lots of people who have roses and they’ll shove them in your arms until you have to hold them. Avoid those people.

8.Don’t skip on the local food

If Italian food is the best in the World, then Roman food is the best of the best, so don’t forget to try some of the local dishes! Many dishes are influenced by their origin in the lower and poor class of old Roman Society, and characterised by simple and fresh ingredients from the countryside. And stay away from McDonald’s!

9.Take your time!

Rome is a big city and has a lot of sights to see and explore. You’re not going to see all of them in one go. So, go with the flow, relax and take your time to enjoy what the city has to offer. We guarantee you’ll return to Rome!

10.Don’t forget to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain

Legend has it that if you throw a coin in Fontana di Trevi, you’ll come back to Rome. Superstition or not, there is another positive side to this tradition. The thousands of Euros that accumulate in the fountain are drained every day, given to charity and then redistributed to the needy of the city!

Alla prossima e buon viaggio a Roma!


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